My first blog post of the new year and I am resolved to update more often! I love reading others’ blogs and I’m always thinking of things to include for Eve’s Daughter so, as it’s the only resolution I’ve made, I’m sticking to it! So, a little looking forward and looking back in this post…

Looking back at Christmas events I attended, what struck me was how many customers were planning a wedding. It’s always a lovely feeling to have someone choose my designs but an extra little tingle happens when it’s a bride to be choosing for her big day! My Boleyn Heart was bought by a bride to be at Durham, she said she’d been looking for ages and that it was just the right piece:

wedding jewellery

She said she couldn’t believe her luck in stumbling across me – it really was a lovely thing to hear! Another bride to be bought two of these bracelets as gifts for her bridesmaids:

wedding jewelleryA lovely little chunky heart in sterling silver on freshwater pearls. I think her bridesmaids will love them.

Now, something I can really look forward to -I’ve had the pleasure of designing and making a few wedding pieces for both friends and customers in the past and a very lovely close friend of mine has recently announced her engagement and asked me to style her wedding, not just the jewellery! An absolute honour and something I can’t wait to do! I get to browse lots of lovely wedding websites with a legitimate excuse – not often the case for someone who’s been married for nearly ten years! So, I’ve been thinking about doing more for brides and the wedding market which isn’t so strange given that the first ever event I attended in business was a wedding fair! However, I have lots of other exciting things happening soon and the wedding dreams for Eve’s Daughter will just have to wait their turn…

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