Pearl Collection

For me, the beauty and appeal of pearls is that no two are the same. They have held a fascination for centuries, being used in the most exquisite ancient royal jewels and brought into prominence for modern women by the hugely influential Coco Chanel who exaggerated their size in her fabulously fake designs.

The pearls I work with are freshwater pearls and I select them carefully for their quality and lustre. I use predominantly neutral colours such as cream and pale blue-grey. These colours are elegant, versatile and very wearable, looking just as beautiful with a pair of jeans and a floaty top as they do with a wedding dress.

Pearls also improve the more they are worn as the natural oils of the skin moisturise the pearls, adding to their lustre. So if you’re a bride tempted by pearls from Eve’s Daughter for your special day, be sure to keep wearing them!