Vintage Inspired Collection

When I was little I was sometimes allowed to mooch through my granny’s jewellery boxes (sometimes I wasn’t but I did so anyway)...I fell in love with the sparkling crystals and loved to feel the smooth, cool pearls in my hot little hands. Each piece seemed so glamorous and opulent and I wanted to wear them all! When I asked why she didn’t wear them, I was told that they were ‘for best’ and all too soon it seemed the velvet-lined boxes would be snapped shut with their little ornate brass clasps. The treasures and trinkets would be forbidden to me until next time and I used to think of them glinting in the dark, no longer invited to parties or worn with pretty dresses.

My vintage inspired collection features stacks of ornate detail, metals with a beautiful patina, original vintage crystals, sparkly bits and tiny little pearls. In my twenties, Granny eventually gave me her most beautiful, cherished crystal necklace that she wore on her wedding day. I couldn’t have been more ecstatic if I’d been five years old. I think nothing of wearing it to go down the shops as I believe that beautiful jewellery should be treasured and worn. We should add a little of the ‘for best’ philosophy into each and every single day we’re here!